alba's Wings

from by Sofi Rox



Staring up the road at 4am as my eyes began to close something white was in the distance small and standing in the road a little swerve a closer look and there sweet alba stood right before my eyes. stilted on two little legs as small as small could seem ‘til she opened up her wings and then began the dream the innoculating flight painting darkness into light softly cutting through the pain and fear of night. landing merely steps away I couldn’t help but wonder

if lightning was a creature would its hollow voice be thunder? These days I feel I try so hard to keep from goin’ under the toe is pulling me out to sea and I’m afraid I’m gonna lose my direction.

May alba’s wings bring the light that lives inside the dark - shoot an arrow made of night straight into my heart so I can learn to live and be in balance with the darker shades of me. May alba’s wings lift me up and teach me how to fly if I lose sight of my shores I know I’ll be alright - got a sea to cross, got a story, got a song to sing. and as I did proceed back down the road I saw a brown eyed skunk pacin’ back and forth sifting through a pile of junk a mess of dead old leaves trying to investigate and taking his sweet time. I was standing on the scene of a crime that did take place many years ago before the dawn of human race and as the verdict came he called my name said listen here “darlin’ do you wonder?“

May alba’s wings give you strength to find the truth inside of you let you know you’re gonna do just what you’re gonna do and that’s alright, you’ll make it through the night and the sun will kiss your face. When I traveled on I was seeking out the sunshine and the birds to see their colors, hear their songs, feel their truths emerge. At the edge of the marsh on the side of the road I saw a vixen - she was bleeding. does her spirit know the answer to my question? May alba’s wings do right light up the darkside of my brain lift me up sing a song help me fulfill my name as a soothsayer as a maiden on a voyage to the truth. May alba’s wings sing a song as they push against the night I may not know a lot but I know that I’ll be alright if I listen to the voices deep inside my shadow and my light. I’ve been livin’ life, I’m tryin’ to live my life with alba’s wings as my guide.


from Regeneration, released June 20, 2012


all rights reserved



Sofi Rox Bolinas, California

Sophia Roxanna Setrakian, also known as Sofi Rox, is an open-hearted singer-songwriter with a deep love for the truth. Sofi is celebrated for her songs of nature and love with simple accompaniment, wistful melodies & dynamic vocals.

Not easily categorized, the folk and pop performer harkens back to Woody Guthrie while incorporating soul music with her grandfather’s instrument, the ukulele.
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